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Cheat codes for Winning Eleven 4

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Winning Eleven 4 Unlock Secret World & European All Star
Go to international Cup,choose any team,set difficulty to normal with 10minutes,and play till win the cup.After the credits,it will autosave thememory card to tell you that two new Team is Playable.Later check it out atthe exhibition modes.(choose autosave)

Winning Eleven 4 To Unlock World and European Classic AllStar
Go to Master League,choose any team,set the difficulty to Normal with 10minutes to play.Now play and make sure to stay at the top of the leagueafter the 14 match( does'nt matter if you have lose record or draw ) justmake sure finish first of top.After the credits,the memory cards also willautosave at the screen to confirm that the classic AllStar is playable atthe exhibiton modes.

Winning Eleven 4 Unlock Special Japan Team
Finish Olympic mode with Japan to play with Special Japan team.

Winning Eleven 4 Unlock Extra cup
Get A All Cups.

Winning Eleven 4 Unlock Clubhouse Stadium
Win the Konami Cup at any difficulties. Then, go to the Exhibition mode.After finished choosing your team, then look at the stadium's choices. Now,you'll see a stadium named Clubhouse appear.

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