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Cheat codes for G-Nome

 Platform: PC - Windows User rating: 4.6 Page visits: 1662 
G-Nome Mount Rushmore
Type "Mother Mourn Us" in the cheat code box to make a mountain in Mission 1-5 tune into Mt. Rushmore using the programers faces.

G-Nome Photo Gallery
Type "Swiss Throat" in the cheat code box and it changes the Citadel building in mission 2-6 to 7th Level Headquarters and inside are the pictures of the programers. Hit TAB to cycle through them.

G-Nome Pick a Ship
If you use a gashr on any occupied ship, the pilot will come out. If you go into its ship, it's yours.

G-Nome Teleport to Target
After the beginning video, press Control and F1. Then type "Half Libel". In the game, find a target with TAB and press CTRL+B to teleport to the target. If you typed the code in the beginning correctly, you will hear a "ding".

G-Nome Cheat Codes
At the main control scren press Ctrl and F1 and enter the code you want and press enter. If you did it right you will hear a 'DING'. NOTE: these codes are case-sensitive
  • Chaste Coed -- the end video.
  • Dunk It Here -- Recording session outtakes.
  • O' Sarge -- Gives training mission Sargeant an Irish accent.
  • Rotted Drop -- Press Ctrl and f to kill your target instantly.
  • Brass Clue -- Press Ctrl and z to restore your weapons. This does not work in the weapon tower.
  • Had A Nude On -- Press Ctrl-i to make you or your mech/building/tower invincible.
  • Half Libel -- Teleport to your current target.
  • Redtop Trod -- Level Select

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