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Cheat codes for Jump Superstars

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Jump Superstars Hint: Color Change
At the Menu screen press L or R to change the color of the ink you use to draw with on the bottom screen.

Jump Superstars Hint: Card Assembly
As you play through the mission mode, you'll unlock various cards that you can use for forming your own battle deck. Some of these cards will come incomplete, and they'll have open slots that need to be filled. Fill these slots with the single-tile character cards in order to make use of the larger cards.

Finding the right single-tile card to fit into the larger card can sometimes be a pain, but there's a trick to make it easier. First, find out how many tiles make up the larger card you want to complete (usually 3-5). On the card selection screen, select the button on the top menu (fourth column) that displays only the cards with the number of tiles that make up your chosen card. Scroll down to select that card (the incomplete cards are labeled with a purple badge) and place it in your deck.

Back out to the card list and then press the top menu button that restricts the card list to a particular team (second column). Pressing this button should remove all cards from the list temporarily. However, if you press the top menu button (fourth column) to disable the tile-count restriction you'll be left with a list of cards that match the team of the incomplete card in your deck. This leaves you with just a few single-tile cards to try out, eliminating a lot of fuss when trying to complete the "empty" cards.

Jump Superstars Hint Color Change
When making a deck with at least 1 battle character, 1 support character, and 1 help character, press START while holding a direction on the D-PAD to change the color.

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