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Cheat codes for Black Belt

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Black Belt Bonus Level
After you defeat Wang and the princess is saved, but before the screen turns red, wiggle the Directional Pad and press 1 + 2 to enter the secret seventh level.

Black Belt Infinite Lives
Push Button 1 to begin the game. The red screen showing the number of players you have will appear. Hold Button 1 until a blank screen appears. Hold Reset until Riki appears in the upper left-hand corner. Riki will die, and then his life meter will fill up. Once this happens, release Reset and the game will start.
Note: If this code is done correctly, the graphics will be semi-scrambled for the first round.

Black Belt Defeating the Bosses
  • RYU:
    Jump and land on him while using repeated punches to the face and the body. Do not attempt to high jump.
  • HAWK:
    Avoid the stars he throws, and kick repeatedly in the face until he dies.
  • GONTA:
    Wait until he attacks, then make a high jump to the right. Then, force him into a corner with kicks to the face. Don't kick him while he is in the air, because he will sit on you if you do.
    To defeat the red character with the whip, use repeated jump kicks to the head. Avoid letting him hit you with his whip as you will be unable to get away.
  • ONI:
    Back up against the left wall and kick him every time he punches you. It may look as if he will beat you because he gets in the first hit but he won't so keep at it.
  • RITA:
    The only way to defeat Rita, is to kick in the air while she is descending at an angle towards you. When you kick her in the air, she will stay suspended above the floor for a few seconds.Then, punch her (you should be able to get in five or six punches before she returns to the ground). You will need to repeat this process several times before you defeat her.
  • WANG:
    Right after you kill Rita, the screen will change and you will be attacked by Wang. Get in the left corner and squat down. He will jump in the air and land on top of you. Punch until his power meter goes down as far as it can. Then, stand up and give him one more punch to the face.
    Note: The red flying signs will render you invincible for ten hits. The flying sushi is an energy booster. Use the Super Jump to catch it.

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