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Cheat codes for Astro Warrior

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Astro Warrior Playing Tips
Shoot at everything. You will notice there will be ships coming straight down the center of the screen that you cannot destroy. These are weapon supply ships. If you fly over them, they will increase your firepower or speed. You will also notice sometimes little purple spheres that you also cannot destroy. If you fly over these, they will join your ship in fighting against the powers of evil. These helpers will not die until you do.
When attacking the Mother Ship, you must attack and destroy the outer defenses first. There is a time limit of about 45 seconds to destroy the Mother Ship. If you don't destroy it in that amount of time, the ship will dive at you until you are destroyed.

Astro Warrior Red Companions
When the screen says, "Galaxy Zone", "Asteroid Zone", or "Nebula Zone", rapidly alternate pressing Button 1 and Button 2. This will allow you to start with the two red companions. Note that this trick is very difficult, but it does work.

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